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Year 5 Autumn 2016

What Have We Been Learning About ?   


This half term, Class 5 have been learning all about Ancient Greece and how their developments and ideas within their ancient civilisation have impacted our world today. We discovered that the philosopher Aristotle was the first person to challenge the thought that the Earth was flat.

Take a Look at Some of Our Work.  


After looking at Ancient Greece, the class wanted to write their own mythological stories. Together we read lots of myths from the time of the Ancient Greeks and identified that we needed to have a heroic character who embarks on a quest and encounters lots of obstacles on their way, speech to help move the story forward and allow for character interactions and lots of cohesive devices to help our paragraphs link together.

We used our artistic skills to recreate our own constellations. We researched and drew the constellation for our own star sign and then we drew a constellation that was discovered during the time of the Ancient Greeks.

We used Oreo cookies to help us understand the phases of the moon and how it appears to us on Earth as it completes an orbit.










What We Know Now!


We now know that the discoveries made during the time of the Ancient Greeks have impacted our society today as the months we use today were constructed by observing the moon and the phases we see as it orbits the Earth.

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