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Year 3 Autumn 2016

What Have We Been Learning About ?   


This term, in Year 3, we have been transported back 5000 years to find out what life was like in the Stone Age. The children have enjoyed creating their own information guide on how and why Stonehenge was built that they became tour guides.



















Take a Look at Some of Our Work.  


When the children discovered that some people believed that witches used Stonehenge as a place to cast spells, they decided to create their own potions which would help people to be kind and brave.




















The children have really enjoyed using different materials to create their own cave paintings. The children looked at cave paintings which have been found all over the world and discovered that each cave painting tells a story about hunting and life during the Stone Age.

What We Know Now!



Class 3’s homework presentations have been amazing! The children have used many ways to present their homework by using Powerpoints, models, baking and art work. We know what life was like in the stone age.

What Do You Think?


Do you think you would have enjoyed living during the Stone Age? How different is your life now comapared to the Stone Age?