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Y6 Spring

During this term, we have been finding out lots of wonderful things about the human body. We have studied the skeletal system, digestive system and circulatory system too.

In English, we wrote amazing stories about a character trapped inside a human body. They were packed with great scientific vocabulary and exciting to read! In our maths work, we carried out pulse investigations to see how exercise could affect our heart rates.

We also took a look at our diets, grouping the foods we eat to see if anything could be changed to help us eat a balanced diet. We learned about the human heart and even made our own blood – that got quite messy!

During British Science Week, we carried out quick experiments and investigations every day, which were a lot of fun. We even showed some of them off to Class 2!

It has been a very busy term. We took part in a music workshop at the Tyne Theatre, a basketball tournament at Thomas Hepburn and most of our class represented Bede at the Gateshead schools dance festival… and of course, we started putting in a bit of work for our tests in May!