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Y3 Spring

This term, in Class 3, we have been learning about the Romans.


 We found out some very interesting facts about life during the Roman times after visiting Vindolanda. Our enthusiasm for our topic spilled over into our homework presentations which were fantastic!  We had so much variety ranging from models of Roman armour to poems about Boudicca.

After researching what life was like as a Roman solider we designed our own shields and practised different battle formations which was great fun. Our most exciting event of the term has to be our Roman Feast. We dressed up as Romans and had some of the foods which were popular during the Roman times.

Throughout the term, we received rugby coaching from the players at Newcastle Thunder. We were shown how to tag, defend and attack. Some children in Year 3 were able to take part in a rugby festival and as a reward went to see Newcastle Thunder play at Kingston Park.