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Y1 Spring

Class 1 really enjoyed our topic; What’s it like in the Garden? We began by leaning to identify and name plants outside using key identification sheets. Our school grounds and the gardening club areas are filled with wonderful flowers, plants and trees! We named the parts of plants and carried out experiments to watch the parts of the plants move and change as they grew.

We organised a fantastic Tree Party to share with our parents. We made posters using the iPads which gave a range of facts about the trees you can find in our school grounds. We put the posters around the school so our parents could find out more about trees when they came to work with us. We had our fabulous Tree Party outdoors! We invited our parents to come to help us with a painting activity using watercolours and a pot making activity with sticks. We enjoyed a picnic too and had a fantastic morning in the sun!

Our class story was Superworm by Julia Donaldson. When we came into school one day the fire alarm sounded! We left quickly and safely. When we returned to our class, it was a mess and there was a tiny wizard’s hat and a magical wand on the floor! They belonged to Wizard! We decided to draft writing for a warning poster! We used adjectives, similes and exclamation marks in our writing. When drafting our writing, Wizard Lizard was sneaking around our classroom again! This time he tied up poor Cookie Monster (our class teddy) with a sticky, leafy web. We had to free him! Once our posters were edited and published neatly, we put them up in busy areas around our school. We hope that our posters warn others about the evil Wizard Lizard who had been lurking about causing trouble! When you come to visit us, you will be able to read them to find out more.

Our friend Margaret invited us to visit the Tesco store in Gateshead that she works at. She gave us a tour of the store, including the store areas, giant walk in freezers and the bakery! We learned so much about where food comes from like fruits and vegetables, and how to make bread. We were allowed to try lots of new fruits, vegetables, breads and cheeses! We had an amazing morning and we were even sent home with some gifts, including the healthy pizzas we made and some fruits and vegetables we found during our store food hunt!