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School Council

At Bede Community Primary, our school council is made up of two representatives from year 3 to year 6. These representatives have been chosen by their classmates to share opinions and raise issues with the headteacher. The School Council takes forward projects on behalf of the pupils, and are actively involved in their role!


Bede Community Primary School Council meet once every half-term to discuss issues affecting them and other children in the school. The idea is that the council should try to come up with solutions to these issues themselves and so become problem solvers. There are also times when other members of staff and external people visitors come into school to speak to the council asking for their opinions and ideas.


By being part of the School Council children are improving communication with their classmates and also across classes in Key Stage 2. Through their discussions and meetings they are also improving their listening skills and reasoning skills too.


You can see who your class councillors are on the display at the front of school. You walk past it every day on the way to lunch!


If you have an issue or an idea you would like brought up at a School Council meeting, please see one of your class Councillors. 

School Elections

School Elections 1 The REAL election on the 7th of May!

We vote for our councillors in an election, just how adults vote for their councillors and MPs.


This is democracy. Every vote counts and it is all done fairly.