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Reception Autumn 2016

What Have We Been Learning About ?   


We began this half-term with a real interest for autumn and Halloween. We turned our classroom into a witch’s lair and focused on writing spells using rhyme. We were then keen to make our own potions using the objects in our classroom.



































Once Halloween was over, we shifted our thoughts to autumn and the ever-changing environment that surrounds us. Percy the Park Keeper helped us to learn about the different processes linked to autumn and the different animals that we might find in our environment. We carried out a range of Percy tasks including making posters for his lost squirrel friend. As we searched for the missing squirrel we collected leaves and looked at different ways of sorting them and recording our findings.











As the children were showing a keen interest in trolls, we explored the story of ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’. We used our knowledge of the story to help us build bridges, measure the height of the goats and write a gruesome description of the troll. The story also helped us to satisfy our scientific curiosity by planting grass seeds in different conditions and seeing what makes them grow.




































Alongside our taught small groups, we’ve also been able to extend our learning through our own interests. This has included making badges during our independent literacy time and writing messages on our own message board, carrying out different activities in the frost and sending letters home by setting up our own post office. We were also keen to make our cars go faster and enjoyed testing out different ramps.

What We Know Now!


The leaves die and fall from the trees in autumn.

The troll from the story ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’ is not a kind character.

Grass needs access to sunlight to grow at its greenest.

Different occupations wear badges for their jobs.

The position of the ramp will make the cars travel faster.

What Do You Think?


If the three billy goats were at the beach, would they find the same kind of grass to eat? (If there was no soil, would grass grow in the sand?)