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The Little Orange Book

Dear parents/carers,


Today we were very happy to be able to send out ‘The Little Orange Book’ to our Reception and Nursery families, which came to us from Newcastle Gateshead CCG.


It is full of hugely helpful tips from health care professionals to help parents understand and deal with common childhood health issues. Hopefully, it can reduce many worries that parents often have when their children don’t feel well and also point you to when you need help and where to get it from. It is very well laid out and gives you support on who to contact if your child is ill; when children need to be absent from school and for how long; what to look out for in your children and what you can do to try to prevent various illnesses.


It really is an invaluable book, so for those of you who not in Reception or Nursery,  it is also available to download at:


We hope that you will all find it extremely helpful, but that hopefully, you won’t need to use it!