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Anti-Bullying Week

Anti- Bullying Week 2018

Choose Respect Over Bullying


It seems entirely right that anti-bullying week should fall in the same week as Children in Need, and that the theme is ‘Choose Respect’ because the meaning of respect is to be considerate and thoughtful of others and to treat them with courtesy and politeness. On Children in Need day, across the country, we show just how considerate, thoughtful and caring we are of others as we raise millions of pounds to help support those in need. For one day, we get together and we do all we can to make the lives of others better.


However, it is sad to say that at the same time, there are so very many people every day who are disrespected one way or another and made to feel unhappy, scared, worthless, un-liked or scared for their safety by the thoughtless actions of others. They are the victims of bullies and their scars are deep and painful.


It is very easy not to think too hard about how we speak to others, not to consider how our actions might be affecting someone else’s life and not to stand up for others when we know they are being bullied because that is hard, but if we all just chose to respect others, there would be an end to bullying.


Here at Bede, we do all we can every day to help each other to choose respect for others, but this next week we will be giving it an even stronger focus and ensuring that this message is loud and clear to everyone.


At Bede, we respect everyone equally and do not tolerate bullies. Wear your odd socks on Children in Need day alongside your spots or home clothes to show that you agree.


You can find some great anti-bullying advice and information in the fantastic Kidscape resources on our Staying Safe page here:


Many thanks,

Beverley McCallion