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A Very Special Visitor

This week, we are really proud to have Mrs S. Shah, the headteacher of the school in Rajkot, India with which we have formed a link, visiting us in school. I picked her up at the airport  last night ,after a very long flight,so we are letting her rest today. Tomorrow ;however, sees the start of her proper working week with us!!

We will have a short welcoming assembly for her at 9:10 / 15 straight after registers in the morning. You are more than welcome to come along and meet her too if you wish. After that, Mrs Shah will be working with many of the children this week and finding out just how different our schoool might be compared to hers. We will also Skype India directly when she is here and hopefully learn a lot about our new friends in Rajkot, Gugurat.

I wonder what we will find out abput life in India from her. I can't wait to join in with the stick dance she's promised to show us!