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A reward for regular readers

We love to see how so many of you are bringing books to school every week. We also love to see how many adults at home are signing the diaries and seeing their children develop a love of reading.


Last week, we put names into a raffle. Those names were of children who have been bringing their books into school EVERY week.


Winners from each class were drawn and today they went to see The Witch's Flower at the cinema. 


Here are the quotes from the children:


I liked it when the girl saved the boy- Lara.

I am going to make a broomstick chair- Thomas.

I was scared- Mohamed.

There is magic inside of everyone- Natasha.

I enjoyed the magic sparkles- Tianna.

My favourite part was when the flower was passed through the mirror- Eddie.

I liked it when Peter got stuck in the castle- Jon

I liked the flower- Nuo.


What wonderful reward will you earn by being organised and bringing in YOUR book?