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100% Attenders!

Last week, Classes 2 - 6 enjoyed a fabulous session with 

Everyone who had 100% attendance all of the time (every day), and who was never late, got to go to a fabulous Pizza party!


Well done to:


Reception: Ellie, Phillip, Sarah, Callum, Zhi, Shaun, Angus, Bryony, Lily, Courtney, Corey and Rebecca. 

Year 1: Benjamin, Kyle, Liam, Abdullah, Taylor and Kevin.

Year 2: Timothy, Noelle, Leighton, Gracie, Kiera, Curtis, William,  Bradley, Bentley, Mohammed, Kyle and Liam.

Year 3: Jackie, Shakeel, Faye, Chase, Andrew and Andy.

Year 4: Mollie, Caitlyn, Razvan, Safiya and Kamron.

Year 5: Sophie, Josie and Adiola