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What Homework Might Look Like!

Homework is led by our creative curriculum in an effort to further help children see and develop their own preferred learning styles and methods of presentation; to become more independent learners;  improve their research and communication skills and engage the whole family in the children’s experience of school.  Questions linked to the topic are given to the children each week. There will always have been enough work done in class to help the children have some ideas for their homework but the best homework will come from those who do more talking and researching of their own with people at home so that they can bring even more to their presentations.


 The children can answer the questions in whatever way they wish (posters, art work, movies, written reports, poems, stories, Powerpoints, dances etc. etc.) and are expected to present their work to  others weekly or fortnightly in KS1 and towards the end of the half term in KS2. In FS, the children will be given a half termly project and each week will be given a little more to add to it based on that week’s learning. Children in KS2 should do some work on their project each week so that it builds up into a thorough piece of work showing good skill, understanding and effort.


 We hope that families will support their children to do their homework and put time aside on a weekly (or even nightly) basis to do it. You are the only ones that can make this happen. We can ask for it, but you need to put it into action! We hope that time spent working on it together will be a positive experience for all, allowing the adults to show their support for and pride in their children’s efforts, and ultimately help the children to see their extremely important part in shaping their own journey through education.


We expect all homework to be of a high standard. We expect it to show effort, pride and time taken and that it is given a high profile from you at home too. We also expect it to be done! 


Each week you will be able to see the questions and advice given to your children on the hand-outs they bring home, but also here, so that you can always check to see what it is that they have been asked to research. To see the children's actual weekly homework questions, please see the children's page.


Don’t forget, they will also be bringing reading books home to share with you at least weekly; they will have spellings to do work on and also times tables to practice with you in KS2. If they do not bring them home, please speak to the class teacher as they will have been given and we rely on you to make sure the homework given is done. Children not being encouraged to do their homework at home are being disadvantaged. 


If you have any questions AT ALL about what is expected, what you could do or how you might best help your child, please come and see the class teacher straight away. We will always be happy to help you. If you need resources to help you do the homework, again just ask and we will provide you with whatever we can.

Ideas For Ways to Make Spellng Practice at Home Fun.

Some More Examples of Homework Across School

The photographs above show one of our Y2 children, whose topic this half term has been 'Habitats'. Within this, they have also looked closely at life cycles and food chains and have become really interested in the natural world around them. As always, the children were set homweork questions that they could answer in any way they wished and we have ben blown away by some of the work they have brought in.

These pictures show some of the things that Oliver did: a photographic recount of his walk in the woods to spot signs of different wildlife living there, a beautiful piece of art made from the autumn leaves of deciduous trees, his own worksheets about different types of trees and predators and another photographic recount of him learning how to prepare and mount a butterfly realistically (taxidermy) .You can see that he and his family have had a lot of fun doing the homework, and Oliver has obviously learnt a great deal. Brilliant stuff!!

Homework in Reception - Ourselves: The Children Talk About and Show Their Talents

Homework in Reception - Ourselves: The Children Talk About and Show Their Talents 1 Anya tells her class about her ballet talents.
Homework in Reception - Ourselves: The Children Talk About and Show Their Talents 2 She demonstrates how to curtsey well.