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General Guides

1 First Scratch Program

A guide to using Scratch to create your first program.

2 Removing Sprite Background

How to create or upload a sprite and remove any unwanted background.

3 Creating your own sprites

How to create your own sprites in Scratch.

5 Changing The Stage

How to change the background, or Stage as it is known in Scratch.

6 Challenge 2

Can you follow the steps to create your own talking sprites?

7 Basic User Input

A guide showing how to add the ability to input data with the keyboard in your game or app.

8 When A Key Is Pressed

A guide to show you how to add controls, or inputs, to your program.

9 Challenge 3

Can you follow the steps to create a controllable dancing cat?

10 Challenge 4

Can you follow the steps to create a randomly moving sprite.

11 Changing a Variable

This guide will show you how to begin using variables in your block coding.

12 Challenge 5

Can you follow the steps to create a 'Score' variable?

13 Using Sensors

This guide shows you how you can use the sensor blocks to trigger events in your app or game.

14 Challenge 6

Can you follow the steps in this challenge to create an animation with sensors?

15 Using Sounds

A very simple guide for adding sound to your programs. Remember, you can also record your own sounds using the 'sound' tab and using the microphone.

16 Challenge 7

Can you use the sound recorder in Scratch to make your own sounds?

17 Using Conditional Statements

A guide for how to add 'if', 'if then' or 'else' conditional statements into your programs.

18 Challenge 8

Can you follow the steps to use the operator blocks to create conditional statements in a program?