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Be Yourself - Be Happy

Make yourself happy by helping others!

Make yourself happy by helping others!  1 What a Spiderman!
Make yourself happy by helping others!  2 A very cool Elsa!

One of the things we are really good at at Bede is knowing that we don't just think about ourselves, but that we have to do what we can to help others too. We also realise that sometimes, when you do do something nice for others, it actually makes you feel much happier yourself also, so everybody wins!! So, on Red Nose Day, 2015, we held a sponsored competition to see how many things you could think of from your own life that make you happy and to get people to sponsor you for each thing.

It was amazing, people thought of SO MANY things they had to be happy about and we raised more money than we ever have before to be halved between our school fund and the Red Nose Day charity. That means both our children benefirt and others all round our country and the world do too. How good is that? It was lovely to see families coming in to work with their children to write all the things that make them happy down on our huge red noses. We then made th noses into our 'Drapes of Delight' and hung them up on the front windows to remind us to be thankful for all the good things we have.

We also did some face painting after school to raise even more money for charity and think that Ellie and Jack look pretty pleased with their results. Do something nice for someone else and just see how much better it can make you feel about yourself too.

Happiness Crosses Boundaries

Happiness Crosses Boundaries 1 Feeling happy is important across the world!

When Mrs Shah and her friends came over, we did a little bit of research on the kind of things that make us happy. We found that whether we were young or old, English, Indian, Polish or Scottish, the same sort of things made us feel happy. We feel happy when we are with our friends and they are kind to us; we feel happy when someone show us they care about us; we smile when we have free time to enjoy ourselves with people we like and we get a lovely feeling of happiness inside when we know we have done something to make someone else happy.

So, altogether, we made this beautiful hanging. It shows some of the things that make our children happy, and is decorated around the edges with the children's handprints covered in rangoli patterns that Mrs Shah and her friends showed us how to do. In the middle you can see two gorgeous, colourful birds representing our friends in India and us here in England alongside the slogan, 'We all fly in the same sky'. It's important to remember that we all live in the same world and that we are all human beings with similar feelings. Let's try to make sure we look after everyone's happiness, not just our own shall we?

Painting Our 'Emotional' Self Portaits

Painting Our 'Emotional' Self Portaits  1 Elena and her mum discuss what makes her special
Painting Our 'Emotional' Self Portaits  2 There is more than can be seen on the surface!
Painting Our 'Emotional' Self Portaits  3 Caitlyn tells her mum to paint she is wonderful!
Painting Our 'Emotional' Self Portaits  4 We all have fun expressing ourselves together.
Picture 1

'Paint Yourself' is an informal afternoon for parents or carers to come together with Mrs McCallion and Tracey to talk about the different kinds of emotions we all have at different times amd what might feed them. We'll look at why people are so good at focussing on the negatives but don't celebrate their positives enough, and we will also chat about how we can all help each other to see ourselves, our situations and our life chances all with more self belief. By the end of the afternon, we will have started on some amazing self portraits fit for any gallery. You DO NOT have to feel that you are good at art to be able to come along. We hope it will be fun, enlightening, thought provoking and maybe even just a little bit life changing too!

Only 12 places available so please let us know if you wouild like to join us on Tuesday 20th January at 1:30pm. Wear clothes you don't mind geting splashes of paint on or bring an apron / old shirt to cover yourself.     

Never Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle

Here at Bede, we have recognised that one of the big things linking each and every one of us , staff, parents and children, is  how little we might really value ourselves when actually we are each incredibly full of the most wonderful things that we just don't appreciate. We can be so scared, worried or anxious about failing, of not being good enough or of others laughing at us that we might even give up trying before we really get started, and that's no way to get a rich and happy life at all, is it? If we want to be happy and succesful, if we want to be the very best we can be, we have to believe we have it in us and find ways to bring it out in ourselves and in others.  What we think about ourselves affects how we feel and then  how we feel affects what we do and how we perform, which brings us back to what we think of ourselves. How can we make sure that we are all living in ways that will encourage everyone to keep the positive thoughts at the front of their mind so that they will feel stronger and happier and more confident and ultimately therefore do better and live more happily? That's the question we are trying to get everyone at Bede to think about and answer for themselves .It is possible! 

We know that we have a school community full of the most amazing individuals with so much to offer the world, but we are not sure they all recognise their own strengths themselves. We are however,  pretty sure that they often let the things they find challenging stand in their way or allow setbacks and mistakes to stop them from trying because it's what we all do too at times and we see it happening every day.

So, this year, our 'Healthy School' focus is on all of us developing  healthy minds and positive attitudes that will help us all to achieve as much as we can and feel good about what we bring to the world : we want everyone to be able to celebrate their own strengths and those of others, we want people to be able to use their mistakes to help them be better next time and to recognise that we all have things that we'd rather not think or feel but that we can do something about not letting those thoughts or feelings get in the way of us succeeding in whatever we want to do. 

We are all going to learn to love ourselves a little bit more, so that we can all sparkle and shine and dazzle the world with our veru own brightness. You are in control of your own destiny so with our help this year learn how to take yourself and others forward in the most positive way you possibly can.