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Nursery Spring

During the spring term in nursery, we have been continuing to work on

our core-skills of speaking, listening, gross and fine motor and getting

along with each other. We have continued with our Living Books project

and have enjoyed exploring lots of exciting stories and using this as a

basis for our learning.

We read lots of stories about animals and insects, and this inspired us to

create a bug hotel and go on a bug hunt during our visits to the forest.

We learned where to look for bugs – they love damp, dark places - and

we used our observation skills to see how they moved and to look

closely at how many legs they have! We were very excited to find green

shield beetles, earwigs and millipedes!

Later in the term, we read stories about sea creatures and we were

fascinated by them! We learned the names of different creatures and

the types of food they like to eat.

We learned a song, ‘A Hole in the Bottom of the Sea’, and we enjoyed

moving to the music and playing musical instruments to accompany our

singing. The homework we created from this work was fantastic!