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Meet the Governors

Bede Primary School, like all state schools, has a governing body, which works with the head teacher and the local authority in the overall management of the school. The governing body is a legal requirement and governors have a number of legal duties to perform, but overall their focus is on getting the best for the children in the school.


The main roles of the governing body are:

  • To plan ahead to make sure the school has the right strategies and resources to get the best outcomes for the children; this includes overseeing the delivery of the curriculum.
  • To monitor and evaluate the school’s effectiveness.
  • To oversee the school’s budget so that it is used in the best way; the governing body is responsible for the proper and efficient management of the school’s funds and cannot plan for a deficit.
  • To make sure that children and adults are safe at school.
  • To act as a ‘critical friend’ to the Head Teacher, who reports to the governing body on the school’s performance and how plans are going.


The Head Teacher is responsible for the day to day management of the school.

School governors are unpaid volunteers (except school staff) and come from all walks of life. Some are appointed by the local authority, some have been asked to represent the local community, some are elected parent governors, and some are members of the school staff. The Head Teacher and the Deputy Head Teacher are governors. The whole governing body meets each term, with governor committees meeting more often.

Come and meet our School Governors

Sarah Diggle (Chair of Governors)

Sarah Diggle (Chair of Governors) 1

Sarah is very proud to chair the governing body of Bede Community Primary School and her involvement in Bede brings a lot of satisfaction.  Sarah is retired from a career in public service and has been a school governor for over 30 years. She lives in Gateshead and has two grandchildren in local schools. 


"I lead a terrific group of governors who support the head teacher and his staff in taking the school onward and upward.  We all work together to make sure that the school provides the very best for each child.  There are so many exciting things going on!"




David Kennedy (vice chair of governors)

David Kennedy (vice chair of governors) 1

David has recently retired from Berghaus, the outdoor clothing maker, where he was finance director  for 20 years. He has been Chair of Governors for Eslington Primary School for 10 years, and worked with Mr Anderson when he was seconded to Eslington Primary as Interim Headteacher. 

David has been a governor at Bede for 2 years, and is currently Chair of The Staffing Committee. 

Mark Dooley

Mark Dooley 1

Bede's Safeguarding Governor


Mark has been a parent governor at Bede for the past 2 years. He is the local Salvation Army officer/minister along with his wife Tanya. He has the role of safeguarding governor and takes the safety and welfare of the students seriously.


If you have any concerns at all about safeguarding at Bede Community Primary School .Please get in touch with Mark Dooley.


He can be reached by phone on:      07533831929

or by email at:                       


You can also get him by telling the school office that you want to speak to him and leaving your contact details.

Governor Membership

Governor Membership 1

For a larger print of the above, you may access it via this link:

Pecuniary Interests of the Governing Body

Committee Membership

Governors Annual Report