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Breakfast Club

Hot toast, crunchy cereal, fresh fruit juice and fun with your friends. That's Bede's Breakfast Club, kindly sponsored by The Greggs' Foundation.

Breakfast Club is open from 7:45am each day. Children are encouraged to help themselves to a healthy breakfast, and staff are there to help them develop their independence, social skills and table manners as well as to start their day positively.

A number of activities keep the children engaged after breakfast, then at around 8:20am, there is a 'Wake-up, Shake-up' session to get the children's brains and bodies ready for the day at school. Even if you haven't attended breakfast, you might want to come and do your morning exercises with your friends. Just five minutes a morning can make a difference to how you go through the day.

Ms Nicols and her team are waiting for you with a smile. Come and join them for breakfast! 

Wake Up Shake Up in Action!

Wake Up Shake Up in Action! 1